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William Fortune, 1863-1942: A Hoosier Biography

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As a biography, it details how a "barefoot boy from Boonville," began as a ten year-old printers' helper, educated himself, was named a newspaper editor at 24 and later became the head of two successful businesses.  

Through his writing, he became acquainted with well known figures in turn of the century Indiana: Meredith Nicholson, James Whitcomb Riley and Colonel Eli Lilly.  His interest in Abraham Lincoln's boyhood brought him into contact with historians Ida M. Tarbell and Albert J. Beveridge.  

He founded and led the local chapter of the Indiana Red Cross for a quarter of a century.

Indianapolis emerged from its rural village cocoon in the years 1885-1920, and William Fortune was an integral part of that emergence into first class city status.

Hardcover. 205 pages. 1994, Guild Press of Indiana.  By Charles Latham, Jr.