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We Must Be Fearless: The Woman Suffrage Movement

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Commemorating the centennial of women receiving the right to vote in the United States, We Must Be Fearless : The Woman Suffrage Movement in Indiana examines the struggles and triumphs of a myriad of Hoosier women black and white, rich and poor, urban and rural who banded together to seek equal rights with men at the ballot box. The story of the Indiana woman s suffrage movement can be divided into three stages. The first began with the first woman's rights association meeting in 1851 and ended in 1869. The second phase of woman s suffrage work in Indiana began in 1869 when the Indiana Woman's Rights Association reformed with a new name the Indiana Woman s Suffrage Association. The final phase of the suffrage movement in Indiana started with the 1890s as many Hoosier women worked with national women's groups or worked on local and state progressive reforms aside from or in addition to their work on suffrage.

Hardcover. 252 pages. 2020, Indiana Historical Society Press. By Anita Morgan.