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Purdue University Press

WBAA: 100 Years as the Voice of Purdue

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WBAA began as a lab experiment conducted by Purdue electrical engineering students in 1910. Later the station became a vital method for Purdue’s Corporate Extension Service to broadcast the knowledge of the university, particularly agricultural news, to the people of the state. WBAA: 100 Years as the Voice of Purdue documents the fascinating history of WBAA, Indiana’s first radio station founded at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, on April 4, 1922. Richly illustrated with more than 150 photos, the book chronicles the station’s evolution over the years, while highlighting the staff, students, and volunteers significant to WBAA’s success.

Hardcover. 300 pages. 2022, Purdue University Press. By Angie Klink.