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Westminster John Knox

The Story of AND: The Little Word That Changed the World

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Poor and: the word everyone takes for granted. So tiny, so common, so easily overlooked. Yet if it weren’t for and, so much would fall apart! Who knew such a little word could make such a big difference?

When an array of opinionated shapes just can’t find common ground, AND comes to the rescue. AND is the link that helps each pair of shapes overcome their differences, teaming up to create something entirely new. Bouncy rhyming text and colorful paintings come together in a fable that will prompt children to look for the unexpected connections all around them.

Singer/songwriter Carrie Newcomer has recorded an original song based on the story, available to readers as a bonus download.

For ages 3-7. Hardcover. 40 pages. 2019, Flyaway Books. By Sandy Eisenberg Sasso, Illus. by Joani Keller Rothenberg, Composer Carrie Newcomer.