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The Power of Forgiveness

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Eva Mozes Kor forges a path of reconciliation and healing as a Holocaust survivor, sharing her life-changing message that forgiveness frees us from the pain of the past.

Eva Mozes Kor was just ten years old when she was sent to Auschwitz. While her parents and two older sisters were murdered there, she and her twin sister Miriam were subjected to medical experiments at the hands of Dr. Joseph Mengele. Later on, when Miriam fell ill due to the long-term effects of the experiments, Eva embarked on a search for their torturers. But what she discovered was the remedy for her troubled soul; she was able to forgive them.

Told through anecdotes and in response to letters and questions at her public appearances, she imparts a powerful lesson for all survivors. Forgiveness of our tormentors and ourselves is a pathway to a deeper healing. This kind of forgiveness is not an act of self-denial. It actively releases people from trauma, allowing them to escape from the grip of persecution, cast off the role of victim, and begin the struggle against forgetting in earnest.

Hardcover, 206 pages. 2021, Central Recovery Press. By Eva Mozes Kor.