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The Indiana Book of Quotes

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From humorist and writer George Ade to professional golfer Fuzzy Zoeller, the numerous funny, sad, heartbreaking, and wise statements made by and about Hoosiers and the nineteenth state are featured in The Indiana Book of Quotes. Compiled by former Indiana newspaper reporter and author Fred D. Cavinder, the book includes quotes from longtime Hoosiers and those who had only a passing acquaintance with the state. Although Ambrose Bierce grew up in Indiana and fought for it during the Civil War, this noted wit and pundit, author of the hilarious Devil's Dictionary, left the state never to return. On the opposite end of the scale is Frank McKinney "Kin" Hubbard, creator of crackle-barrel philosopher Abe Martin of Brown County. Born in Ohio, Hubbard worked with the Indianapolis News for years and filled book after book with the witty sayings of his creation Martin. Famous historic quotes fill the book, including some not previously known as coming from the Hoosier State.

Paperback. 328 pages. 2005, Indiana Historical Society. By Fred D. Cavinder.