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M.T. Publishing

The Graham-Bradley Tractor: A History

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This book details the fascinating narrative of the farm tractor built by Graham-Paige Motors Corporation in the late 1930’s. A brief survey of American agriculture puts the Graham-Bradley in proper context. The book details the involvement of the Graham brothers in tractor design from 1915 through the post-war Frazer prototypes. Seven chapters reveal the development of the tractor, its manufacture at the Graham-Paige plant in Michigan, and its problematic merchandising with Sears, Roebuck & Company. Appendices include the mechanical features of various models; detailed class comparisons, a sales literature compilation, the Nebraska Test results, a listing of surviving examples, a reproduction of the 74-page shop manual, and toys based on the Graham-Bradley.

Hardcover. 344 pages. 2023, M.T. Publishing. By Michael E. Keller.