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The Doctor's Dilemma: Stories

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The fragility of life. The persistence of hope. The marvels of medicine.

Doctors are our modern saviors. And, yet who is the surgeon behind the mask or the doctor behind the stethoscope?

In sixteen literary short stories, Daly Walker reveals the great weight that falls on the shoulders of healers. The line between life and death is often as thin as the blade of a surgeon's scalpel.

"India's Passage" reveals a surgeon facing his worst nightmare: a misstep that shakes his confidence and nearly ends his career. In "Blood" a surgeon must decide whether to save a life or respect a patient's religious beliefs. In "Boots on the Ground" a surgeon in Afghanistan confronts the ironies of being a doctor in the midst of a combat zone. And, in "Palliation" a doctor learns an important lesson about the gray areas of the Hippocratic oath.

If you like stories brimming with emotion and characters whose flaws and self-doubts make them all the more human, then the luminous tales in Daly Walker's The Doctor's Dilemma will take you on profound journeys of discovery, redemption, and hope.

Step inside the operating theater where life hangs in the balance. Read The Doctor's Dilemma today.

Paperback. 330 pages. 2021, Grand Canyon Press. By Daly Walker.