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Indiana University Press

Lincoln Road Trip: The Back-Roads Guide to America

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America's favorite president sure got around. Before Abraham Lincoln's sojourned to the Oval Office, he was born and lived to the age of 7, in Kentucky.  His family moved to Spencer County, Indiana and he lived there until he was 21 years old.  It was in Indiana that he spent his formative years, that would make him the man he became.  Then, he moved to Illinois and later beginning his career as a lawyer. In fact, Lincoln toured some amazing places throughout the Midwest in his lifetime. In Lincoln Road Trip: The Back-Roads Guide to America's Favorite President, Jane Simon Ammeson will help you step back into history by visiting the sites where Lincoln lived and visited.

This fun and entertaining travel guide includes the stories behind the quintessential Lincoln sites, while also taking you off the beaten path to fascinating and lesser-known historical places. Visit the Log Inn in Warrenton, Indiana (now the oldest restaurant in the state), where Lincoln stayed in 1844 when he was campaigning for Henry Clay. Or visit key places in Lincoln's life, like the home of merchant Colonel Jones, who allowed a young Abe to read all his books, or Ward's Academy, where Mary Todd Lincoln attended school. Along with both famous and overlooked places with Lincoln connections, Ammeson profiles nearby attractions to round out your trip, like Holiday World, a family-owned amusement park that goes well with a trip to the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial and Lincoln State Park.

Featuring new and exciting Lincoln tales from Springfield, Illinois; Beardstown, Kentucky; Booneville, Indiana; Alton, Illinois; and many more, Lincoln Road Trip is a fun adventure through America's heartland that will bring Lincoln's incredible story to life.

Paperback. 232 pages. 2019, Red Lightning Books. By Jane Simon Ammeson.