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Arcadia / History Press

Indiana Originals: Hoosier Heroes and Heroines

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Hoosier history overflows with bold visionaries, noble heroes and lovable rogues.

 May Wright Sewall struggled to uplift womankind and unflinchingly called for peace in a world sleepwalking toward conflict. In the guise of Abe Martin, Kin Hubbard graced the Indianapolis News's back page for twenty-six years with folksy humor. Combat photographer John A. Bushemi bravely faced the terrors of war and perished capturing its violence. Audacious automotive pioneer Carl G. Fisher went to any length to promote himself, even flying a car via a hot-air balloon. Drawing on more than thirty years of experience, author Ray E. Boomhower, the dean of Hoosier biographers, brings together forty of the most notable figures from the nineteenth state.

Paperback. 208 pages. 2018, History Press. By Ray E. Boomhower.