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Quixote Press/Hearts n'Tummies

Indiana Cookin'

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From the table of contents page:

Well, I guess there's nothing particularly special about Indiana cooking unless you happen to want some of the best dang eatin' in this corner of the universe.  Maybe it's something in the clear air blown' through from the west.  maybe it's all that clear clean water we have in Indiana.  I dunno, but I sure know that some of the world's best cookin' comes right smack out of Indiana.

Includes recipes for: salads, veggies, beverages & snacks, soup, cookies & bars, desserts, pie, main dishes, bread, candy and microwaveable foods. 

Spiral bound (3 1/2" x 5"), 158 pages.  1996, Hearts n' Tummies Cookbook Company.  By Bruce Carlson.