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Indiana 1816 to 1850 The Pioneer Era Paperback

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The pioneers who arrived in the newly minted state of Indiana -- seven year-old Abe Lincoln was among them -- found a place rich in land and forests. The settlers shared much in common -- an attachment to English common law, a pioneer's trust in self-sufficiency, belief in separation of church and state, support for public schooling, but also hostility toward African Americans. Though isolated from their compatriots beyond the Appalachians, Hoosiers maintained an ardent attachment to the Union and, as the crisis of the nation loomed, were firmly on its side. Drawing extensively on primary sources, Donald F. Carmony has written a richly detailed portrait of the emerging state and its people. He explores political, economic, agricultural, and educational developments, examines the federal government's influence on state politics, and describes Indiana's role as a member of the United States.

Hardcover. 924 pages. 1998, Indiana Historical Society Press. By Donald F. Carmony.