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Founding Fathers, Declaration of Independence Calligraphy Set

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From the 6th to 19th century, quill pens were the principal writing instrument.  The better quills for pen construction came from the wings of large birds such the turkey, goose, or swan.  Metal pens were first patented in American in 1810 and by 1860 were being massed produced.

Many calligraphers still consider a quill pen the best writing instrument because of the quill's ability to produce a fine line with none of the harsh qualities of a steel nib.  The U.S. Supreme Court still used 1200 quills a year, upholding a tradition that began in 1801.

Set contains:

4 colors of ink powder, with instructions for mixing with water: black, green, brown and red.

2, 7" x 10" pieces of parchment paper

1 feather quill

Made in the USA, from Americana.