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Thomas K. Tower

Early French Lick West Baden Valley Hotels, Clubs and Boarding Houses

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New book Early French Lick West Baden Valley Hotels, Clubs, and Boarding Houses. 154 pages, color and black and white photos, covers 83 establishments with information on 86 individuals associated with the buildings. 

The French Lick West Baden Valley boast a fascinating history. Movie stars, politicians, gangsters, and sports heroes were front and center of the glamorous night life in the valley. The healing power of the Sprudel and Pluto water, Major League Baseball, the circus, illegal gambling, and world class accommodations drew visitors from all over. Part of that fascinating history lies with the upper scale and more modest lesser-known hotels, the illegal gambling clubs, and the boarding houses along with those who built, maintained, and oversaw them. From ordinary folks to doctors, gamblers, and businessmen. This book is a glimpse of a bygone era, those buildings, and the individuals associated with them.

Paperback, 154 pages. 2022, Historic Valley Publishing. By Kevin Tower.