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Eva: A Holocaust Survivor's Fight to Heal the World DVD or Blu-Ray

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Eva: A-7063 is co-produced by WFYI Public Media and filmmaker Ted Green. As a child, Eva Mozes Kor fought through and survived the worst the Holocaust had to offer – being experimented on as one of the Auschwitz “Mengele twins.” After decades of internal torment and pain resulting from living through the unimaginable, she forgave the Nazis. Eva has since emerged as arguably the best-known and most-active Holocaust survivor in the world. Now 84, she’s urgently circling the globe to deliver a message of self-empowerment. While her early advocacy work zeroed-in on the atrocities of the Holocaust, she now believes her message of healing can help anyone living through difficult circumstances, including discrimination and bullying. Youth and young adults have taken her message to heart. The film captures this remarkable legacy, carries Eva’s critically important message to future generations and shows, most of all, the power for good that just one dedicated person can have. It serves as a tool to discuss difficult history – for those who lived through it, for loved ones and younger friends who heard their stories, and for those who can’t fathom that such a world once existed. It helps viewers discover shared values. It encourages peace and kindness. Narrated by Ed Asner, “Eva” features interviews with Wolf Blitzer (CNN newscaster), Elliott Gould (actor), Ray Allen (basketball star), national Holocaust and education experts, other Holocaust survivors, Lucette Lagnado (Wall Street Journal), Indianapolis Rabbis Sandy and Dennis Sasso, a friend and survivor from the Rwandan genocide, a theology professor from Duke Divinity School and representatives from the U.S. Holocaust Museum and Steven Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation.

Running time 90 minutes. DVD format. Specify DVD or Blu-ray.