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Building Community: The Flanner and Buchanan Families of Indianapolis

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Since the founding of Indianapolis in the early 1820's, the Buchanan family has been part of it's history, creating a uniquely diversified funeral business unlike any other, growing and changing with each generation, serving the living while also honoring the deceased. The Flanner and Buchanan names are not only synonymous with Indianapolis but are recognized and respected among funeral directors throughout the United States. The Buchanans were pioneers in professionalizing the funeral industry and in the field of cremation and were one of the first funeral firms to host wedding ceremonies on their properties. In fact, the Community Life Center on the East side of Indianapolis is known throughout the country as a multipurpose site and it's ironic that it sits on land that once upon a time, was the Buchanan family farm.

Hardcover. 145 pages. 2021, Indiana Historical Society Press. By Julie Young.