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IHS Press

Asian American Voices in Indiana

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Indiana is home to many people of Asian background, from Chinese who introduced Hoosiers to chop suey a century ago to Burmese refugees who are fleeing genocide today. Asian American Voices in Indiana begins and exploration of their experiences. Each chapter describes a group's migrations story, settlement experiences, career choices, and cultural institutions. Interview excerpts tell what it has been like to be Asian in the Hoosier State.

The stories in this book come from the Indiana Historical Society's multicultural collecting project, which aims to begin filling in the gap of underrepresented Hoosiers in the IHS's archives. Curator Nicole Martinez-LeGrand interviewed and recorded the life stories of twenty-one individuals who also donated photographs and other items. The IHS hopes this anthology will serve as the basis for future scholarship.

Paperback, 156 pages with color illustrations.  2022, Indiana Historical Society Press.

By Nicole Martinez-LeGrand and Daniel Gonzales. 

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