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Annette Funicello: Tributes from Fans and Friends

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When Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club debuted on October 3, 1955, the world fell in love with Annette Funicello, the Mouseketeer whose shy smile captivated the show’s young viewers. After she outgrew her Ears, her fans followed her acting and singing career as well as her personal life as a wife and mother. When Annette passed away from complications of multiple sclerosis on April 8, 2013, the world mourned.

There have been many testimonials given about Annette from her family and show business associates. In this book, former Annette Fan Club president Rita Rose offers an in-depth look at Annette’s character from the perspectives of lesser-known people in her life, and how her kindness, generosity, and sense of humor impacted them. Several Mouseketeers and other performers offer their insights, too.

Paperback. 158 pages. 2020, Theme Park Press. By Rita Rose. Ed. by Bob McClain.