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Abandoned Central Indiana

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This book features photos of abandoned homes, factories, and businesses that once thrived in the central Indiana region. Small towns in the central Indiana region have succumbed with time with abandoned farms, homes, and motels. Included in this book are images from insane asylums in the cities of Indianapolis, Rockville, and Winchester. These sites have been closed for many years but are now popular with ghost hunters. Old jails in the cities of Noblesville and Gas City are also featured. During the mid-1900’s, trains passed through central Indiana once every twenty minutes filled with passengers and freight travelling from coast to coast. Many of those abandoned trains can be found in Forest Park in Noblesville. Abandoned Central Indiana not only features images, but in-depth information about the history of the region.

Paperback. 96 pages. 2023, Arcadia Publishing. By David Humphrey and W. Evan Humphrey.