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A Commotion in the Heart: Notes on Writing and Life

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For writers of fiction, creative nonfiction, autobiography and memoir, and from amateurs to professionals, this book about the creative process is a book for writers everywhere interested in learning more about the craft of writing. A perfect gift for writers of all ages and levels of experience, A Commotion in Your Heart: Notes on Writing and Life takes the reader from the author's childhood dream of being a writer through the ups and downs of publishing. She tells her story with highly relatable vignettes that focus on her own personal moments of clarity about what writing is (and what writing isn't), sharing the pleasures and lessons of more than 40 years of experience teaching writing.

A Commotion in the Heart: Notes on Writing and Life by Barbara Shoup is part memoir, part writing workshop. 

Paperback. 170 pages. 2019, INWords. By Barbara Shoup.