And Know this Place -
And Know this Place
And Know this Place: Poetry of Indiana
By Jenny Kander and C. E. Greer, compiled and edited

A collection of the best from Hoosier poets from the days of James Whitcomb Riley and Jessamyn West to such contemporary masters of the craft as former Indiana Poet Laureate Norbert Krapf, Jared Carter, Etheridge Knight, and Mary Ellen Solt.

As Kander and Greer not in the preface of "And Know this Place: Poetry of Indiana:" "Our central criterion for selection was quality of writing, and we chose those poems which cover the spectrum of experience in both place and time, in setting from city streets to wilderness tracks, covering the state from Goshen in the north to Floye's Knobs by the Ohio River, and from Gessie on the Illinois line to Cottage Grove a hundred and fifty miles east."

Hardcover, 300 pages. IHS PRESS, 2011. ISBN 978-0-87195-292-9.

About the author
Widely published poets Jenny Kander and C. E. Greer co-edited "Say this of Horses: A Selection of Poems." (Dana Roeser’s poem “November 15, Before the Frost” was mistakenly published as an excerpt, reprinted from "Beautiful Motion" [2004]).

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