The Quiet Hero - A Life of Ryan White -
The Quiet Hero - A Life of Ryan White

In 1985 the eyes of the world turned to the Hoosier State and the attempt by Ryan White, a thirteen-year-old Kokomo, Indiana, teenager, to do what seemed to be a simple task—join his fellow classmates at Western Middle School in Russiaville, the school to which his Kokomo neighborhood was assigned.
Ryan White, however, had been diagnosed with AIDS from contaminated blood-based products used to treat his hemophilia. His wish to return to school was met with close to hysteria by members of the school board, parents, and teachers alike.
White won the right to return to school, but with concessions. At school, White became the target of slurs and lies, and his locker was vandalized. Although the White family received support from citizens and celebrities around the world, the situation grew so bad in Kokomo that they moved to Cicero, Indiana—a community that greeted them with open arms.

Hardcover. 151 pages. IHS Press. ISBN 9780871953070.

About the author
Nelson Price is the author of several books and a former reporter, feature writer, and columnist for the Indianapolis News and Indianapolis Star. A fifth-generation Hoosier, Price grew up in Indianapolis and is a graduate of Indiana University, Bloomington.


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