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The People's Choice, Congressman Jim Jontz of Indiana
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The People's Choice, Congressman Jim Jontz of Indiana


The People's Choice


The People's Choice: Congressman Jim Jontz of Indiana
By Ray E. Boomhower

This biography of Congressman Jim Jontz examines his remarkable long-shot political career and lifetime involvement in environmental issues. As a Democrat usually running in conservative districts, Jontz always had political pundits predicting his defeat. Nevertheless, he won five terms as state representative for the Twentieth District (Benton, Newton, Warren, and White Counties), two years in the Indiana Senate, and three terms in the U.S. Congress representing the Fifth Congressional District in northwestern Indiana. Jontz told a reporter that his political career had always “been based on my willingness and role as a spokesman for the average citizen.” Jontz also led an unsuccessful campaign to stop the passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement with the Citizens Trade Campaign, helped protect the Endangered Species Act as director of the Endangered Species Coalition, campaigned to save old-growth forests as executive director of the Western Ancient Forest Campaign, and tried to foster progressive causes as president of the Americans for Democratic Action.

Hardcover. 272 pages. IHS Press. 2012. ISBN 9780871952981.

About the author
The IHS Press's senior editor, Ray E. Boomhower edits the magazine Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History and has authored biographies of Hoosiers such as author and Civil War general Lew Wallace, suffragette and peace activist May Wright Sewall, World War II photographer John A. Bushemi, and astronaut Gus Grissom.


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