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Hanna's Town
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Hanna's Town


Hanna's Town
By W. William Wimberly II

In late autumn 1902 a macabre scene unfolded at the original burial ground of Wabash, which had been called both the Old Cemetery and Hanna's Cemetery. The task at hand was the disinterment of four bodies. The newest of the four graves held whatever might be left of the corpse of Colonel Hugh Hanna who, more than any other single citizen, was the founding father and civic icon of the prosperous and picturesque community. This book tells the story of a town that rose from the wilderness, one with a bustling economy, a sense of community, civic pride, broad economic connections, architectural achievements, and various other cultural pretensions.

Hardcover, 429 pages. IHS Press, 2010. ISBN 9780871952899.

About the author
W. William Wimberly II received a PhD in early American history from Indiana University. He holds degrees from Hanover College and Princeton Theological Seminary.


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