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Shadow of Shiloh
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Shadow of Shiloh


Shadow of Shiloh: Major General Lew Wallace in the Civil War
By Gail Stephens

Thirty-two years after the battle of Shiloh Lew Wallace returned to the battlefield, mapping the route of his April 1862 march. Ulysses S. Grant expected Wallace and his Third Division to arrive early in the afternoon of April 6, but they did not arrive until nightfall. In the aftermath of the bloodbath of Shiloh, Grant attributed Wallace's late arrival to a failure to obey orders. By mapping the route, the sixty-seven-year-old Wallace hoped to remove the stigma of "Shiloh and its slanders." However, Shiloh still defines Wallace's military reputation and overshadows the rest of his stellar military career. In Shadow of Shiloh, Stephens specifically addresses Wallace's military career and its place in the larger context of Civil War military history.

Hardcover, 316 pages. IHS Press, 2010. ISBN 9780871952875.

About the author
Gail Stephens is a retired U.S. Department of Defense employee who serves as a volunteer at the Monocacy National Battlefield. She lectures on the Civil War, teaches courses at area colleges, and gives battlefield tours.


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