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Fighter Pilot


Fighter Pilot:  The World War II Career of Alex Vraciu
By Ray E. Boomhower

The sixth volume in the IHS Press's youth biography series, the book explores the wartime service of Alex Vraciu. A graduate of DePauw University, Vraciu learned to fly during his college years through a government program and joined the navy before America was thrust into the war following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Possessed with keen eyesight, quick reflexes, excellent shooting instincts, and a knack for finding his opponent’s weak spot, Vraciu became skilled in the deadly game of destroying the enemy in the skies over the Pacific Ocean. For a period of four months in 1944, Vraciu stood as the leading ace in the U.S. Navy. He shot down nineteen enemy airplanes in the air, destroyed an additional twenty-one on the ground, and sank a large Japanese merchant ship with a well-placed bomb hit.

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Hardcover, 170 pages. IHS Press, 2010. ISBN 9780871952820.

About the author
Ray E. Boomhower is senior editor with the Indiana Historical Society Press. His previous books include biographies on such Hoosier legends as Lew Wallace, Ernie Pyle, and May Wright Sewall. In 1998 Boomhower received the IHS's Hoosier Historian honor.


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