By Freedom
By Freedom's Light
By Freedom's Light
By Elizabeth O'Maley

Thirteen-year-old Sarah Caldwell is an unhappy Indiana pioneer. She misses her sister, Rachel, who stayed behind in North Carolina. Worse yet, their widowed father has married a Quaker schoolteacher, whom Sarah discovers is a secret abolitionist! When Rachel and her family arrive for a visit, Sarah is overjoyed. Rachel brings Polly, a slave girl, with her. As Polly and Sarah become friends, Sarah questions her beliefs about slavery. Soon she is faced with a life-altering decision. In this historical novel for grades four and up, readers will experience both the harshness of a slave society and the brave acts of people who helped slaves find freedom.


Hardcover, 188 pages. IHS Press, 2009. ISBN 9780871952738.

About the author
Elizabeth O'Maley has worked as a school psychologist in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis, taught Sunday School in Fort Wayne and published stories in Your Big Back Yard children's magazine and in church-related pbulications. This is her first historical novel for children.

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