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By Freedom's Light
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By Freedom's Light


By Freedom's Light
By Elizabeth O'Maley

Thirteen-year-old Sarah Caldwell is an unhappy Indiana pioneer. She misses her sister, Rachel, who stayed behind in North Carolina. Worse yet, their widowed father has married a Quaker schoolteacher, whom Sarah discovers is a secret abolitionist! When Rachel and her family arrive for a visit, Sarah is overjoyed. Rachel brings Polly, a slave girl, with her. As Polly and Sarah become friends, Sarah questions her beliefs about slavery. Soon she is faced with a life-altering decision. In this historical novel for grades four and up, readers will experience both the harshness of a slave society and the brave acts of people who helped slaves find freedom.

By Freedom's Light Teacher Resource

Hardcover, 188 pages. IHS Press, 2009. ISBN 9780871952738.

About the author
Elizabeth O'Maley has worked as a school psychologist in Cincinnati, Louisville and Indianapolis, taught Sunday School in Fort Wayne and published stories in Your Big Back Yard children's magazine and in church-related pbulications. This is her first historical novel for children.


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