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"To Bear Any Burden"
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"To Bear Any Burden": A Hoosier Green Beret's Letters from Vietnam
By Daniel H. FitzGibbon

During the Vietnam War, more than two and a half million American men and women served in the U. S. armed forces. In addition to providing conventional army, navy, and air force units, the American military fought Vietcong insurgents and North Vietnamese regulars with Army Special Forces. From 1968 to 1969, Daniel H. FitzGibbon, a Columbus, Indiana native, served as a captain with the Fifth Special Forces Group in South Vietnam. FitzGibbon wrote letters home about his experiences running two Special Forces A team camps. FitzGibbon's mother saved these letters and gave them back to the veteran, who typed and copied them. "To Bear Any Burden" examines FitzGibbon's war, from his arrival in South Vietnam to his life as commander.

Hardcover, 171 pages. IHS Press, 2005. ISBN 0871951797.

About the author
Daniel H. FitzGibbon is a West Point graduate and now an attorney in the Indianapolis office of Barnes and Thornburg. He received his law degree from Harvard Law School in 1972 and practices primarily in Barnes and Thornburg's business, tax and real-estate department.

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