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The Soldier's Friend
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The Soldier's Friend


The Soldier's Friend: A Life of Ernie Pyle
By Ray E. Boomhower

During World War II, Ernie Pyle’s column in newspapers across the country offered a foxhole view of the struggle as he reported on the life and death of the average soldier. When he died, Pyle’s popularity and readership was worldwide. The Soldier’s Friend: A Life of Ernie Pyle, a biography aimed at young readers, explores the reporter’s legendary career from his days growing up in the small town of Dana, Indiana, to his life as a roving correspondent with the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain, to his growing fame as a columnist detailing the rigors of combat faced by the average G.I. during World War II. The book features numerous illustrations, samples of Pyle’s World War II columns, a detailed bibliography of World War II sources, and an index.

The Soldier's Friend Teacher Resource

Hardcover, 152 pages. IHS Press, 2006. ISBN 0871952009.

About the author
The IHS Press's senior editor, Ray E. Boomhower edits the magazine Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History and has authored biographies of Hoosiers such as author and Civil War general Lew Wallace, suffragette and peace activist May Wright Sewall, World War II photographer John A. Bushemi, and astronaut Gus Grissom.


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