The Native Americans -
The Native Americans
The Native Americans
By Elizabeth Glenn and Stewart Rafert

In the second volume of the IHS Press’s Peopling Indiana Series, anthropologist Elizabeth Glenn and ethnohistorian Stewart Rafert put readers in touch with the first people to inhabit the Hoosier state, exploring what it meant historically to be an Indian in this land and discussing the resurgence of native life in the state today. Many natives either assimilated into white culture or hid their Indian identity. World War II dramatically changed this scenario when Native Americans served in the U.S. military and on the home front. Afterward, Indians from many tribal lineages flocked to Indiana to find work. Along with Indiana's Miami and Potawatomi, they are creating a diverse Indian culture that enriches the lives of all Hoosiers.

Softcover, 139 pages. IHS Press, 2009. ISBN 9780871952806.

About the author
Elizabeth Glenn was professor emerita of the Anthropology Department at Ball State University. An adjunct professor of history at the University of Delaware, Stewart Rafert and Glenn co-authored the chapter “Native Americans” in Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic Experience (Indiana Historical Society, 1996).

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