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The Hampton Sisters
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The Hampton Sisters

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The Hampton Sisters: A Jazz Tribute
By Jack Gilfoy, producer

Pianist Aletra Hampton and her sister, bassist Virtue Hampton-Whitted, each with a passion for music and a zest for living, recorded their first album, which was released in November 2003. These central Indiana jazz legends have been making music since the 1930s and remain a living testament to the golden age of jazz, when jazz was new, raw and laced with a rebellious spirit. This digitally produced compact disc is a must-have for lovers of jazz and the retro sound. Featuring fifteen songs on one disc, the CD comes with a companion 20-page booklet, including vintage photos and the history of the Hampton Family and the Hampton Sisters.

CD, 72 minutes. Indiana Historical Society, 2003. ISBN 087195172X.

About the author
Jack Gilfoy was director of jazz and music business studies, Indiana University School Of Music, IUPUI.


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