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Peopling Indiana
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Peopling Indiana


Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic Experience
By Robert M. Taylor, Jr., and Connie A. McBirney, editors

Indiana is not known as an ethnically diverse state, its history and character have been indelibly shaped by the influx of people into the United States in the last two centuries. The culmination of a multiyear ethnic history project of the Indiana Historical Society, Peopling Indiana: The Ethnic Experience brings together thirty original essays that survey the races and nationalities that at one time or another settled in the Hoosier state. This collection reveals what some may consider a surprising range of diversity. Essays explore the histories of immigrants to Indiana from China, Great Britain, Greece, Palestine, Vietnam, Germany, Mexico, and Japan, as well as examine such groups as Native Americans, African Americans, and Jewish Americans.

Hardcover, 800 pages. Indiana Historical Society, 1996. ISBN 9780871951120.

About the author
The late Robert M. Taylor, Jr., directed the Education Division of the Indiana Historical Society. He earned a Ph.D. in history from Kent State University and contributed to several books on Indiana history. Conne A. McBirney is a certified archivist, with an M.S.L.S. in Library Science and a M.S. in American Studies.


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