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Out of the Shadows
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Out of the Shadows

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Out of the Shadows: Portraits of Historic Women Artists
By Lisa DeHayes, producer

This compelling documentary explores the lives of women who followed their dreams and pursued careers as professional artists during the early twentieth century. These women exchanged washboards and mending baskets for canvas, stone, and other demanding mediums. Through interviews with an artist of the era, as well as historians, art curators, and specialists in the field, the artists' stories unfold one-by-one. As a companion to the Indiana Historical Society Press's book Skirting the Issue: Stories of Indiana's Historical Women Artists, the tales of these Hoosier artists offer insight into the culture and values of the greater Midwest, and the nation, during this period.

DVD, 44 minutes. WFYI Productions/Indiana Historical Society, 2005. ISBN 004562.

About the author
Lis DeHayes is an editor and producer for WFYI-TV in Indianapolis, Indiana. Like the women artists portrayed in this documentary, DeHayes has a passion to create and left a career in the corporate world to pursue her love for storytelling.


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