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Introduction to the Prehistory of Indiana
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Introduction to the Prehistory of Indiana


An Introduction to the Prehistory of Indiana
By James H. Kellar

An Introduction to the Prehistory of Indiana summarizes some of the answers to commonly asked questions about Indiana archaeology and prehistory. The impetus for it derives from the almost daily inquiries archaeologists receive from a varied public, for which archaeology and the numerous evidences of Indian occupation in the state have some attraction. Included in this booklet is a brief summary of what is currently known of the prehistoric Indian occupation of Indiana, a brief discussion concerning the history of archaeological research in Indiana, a bibliography for those desiring to pursue some of the topics in greater depth, a statement regarding university degree programs, and a list of prehistoric sites and museums accessible to the public.

Softcover, 78 pages. Indiana Historical Society, 1983. ISBN 9780871950444.

About the author
James H. Kellar (1922–2003) was a professor of anthropology at Indiana University from 1960 to 1986. He was Indiana University's first archaeology professor as well as director of the Glenn A. Black Laboratory of Archaeology at Indiana University.


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