Ernie Pyle
Ernie Pyle's War DVD
Ernie Pyle's War: A Documentary on Ernie Pyle World War II Correspondent
By Todd Gould, producer

Throughout the country's most tumultuous times, more than 40 million Americans sought solace in the plainspoken words of Ernie Pyle. The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist from Indiana delivered his first-person reports from the foxholes of Europe and Japan during World War II as no other reporter did before him, capturing the raw emotion of battle as seen through the eyes of the common American foot soldier. Ernie Pyle's War traces the life and works of one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. This 30-minute documentary features rare, historic film and photographs, as well as revealing interviews with historians, veterans, and others who knew and served with Pyle.

DVD, 30 minutes. WFYI Productions/Indiana Historical Society, 2005. ISBN 005361.

About the author
Todd Gould is a freelance writer, producer, and director who has created documentaries and features for PBS, ESPN, the BBC, and The Learning Channel. He is a ten-time Emmy Award winner, among other honors.

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