Casper and Catherine Move to America -
Casper and Catherine Move to America
Casper and Catherine Move to America: An Immigrant Family's Adventures, 1849–1850
By Brian Hasler and Angela Gouge, illustrator

Times were hard in Europe in 1849 when Casper Hasler left his family to sail to the United States. Catherine, his wife, stayed behind to await the birth of their sixth child. Once settled in the Midwest, Casper worked as a stonecutter, sending his wages to Catherine to pay for the family's trip to southern Indiana. In Casper and Catherine Move to America, Brian Hasler tells the story of his great-great-grandparents as his father told it to him when he was a young boy. This book introduces young readers to oral history and encourages them to learn about and investigate their own family stories. A complimentary curriculum guide accompanies book upon request.


Hardcover, 32 pages. Indiana Historical Society, 2003. ISBN 0871951681.

About the author
Brian Hasler graduated from Indiana State University. He served in the Indiana House of Representatives from 1996-2004 and has worked with the architectural and engineering firm of Veazey Parrott Durkin and Shoulders. Illustrator Angela M. Gouge works as a graphic artist for the Flavor Burst Company.

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