Captured! -
Captured! A Boy Trapped in the Civil War
By Mary Blair Immel

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Ables left his farm in southern Kentucky one morning in early 1862 to gather wood, riding into danger and adventure he could never have imagined. A desperate group of Confederate soldiers kidnapped Johnny for his horses and wagon. Forced into battle at Fort Donelson, Johnny endured cannon fire and hand-to-hand combat and was stranded freezing, alone, and dazed among wounded and dying men. After a miserably cramped voyage by steamboat and train, Johnny and his kidnappers were marched to Camp Morton Prison in Indianapolis. There, Johnny struggled to survive.


Hardcover, 165 pages. IHS Press, 2005. ISBN 0871951843.

About the author
Mary Blair Immel is a retired teacher with a master's degree in U.S. history. She is an award-winning storyteller and the author of several books, including a former teen book club selection of Scholastic Books, A Two-Way Street.

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