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By Freedom's Light (paperback),9780871952745Captured! (paperback),9780871951885Native Americans to the National RoadNature's Storyteller,9780871952844Alone (paperback),9780871952677

By Freedom's Light (paperback)


Captured! (paperback)


Native Americans to the National Road


Nature's Storyteller


Alone (paperback)

Evie Finds Her Family Tree,9780871951878Maria's Journey,9780871952868Murder in Their Hearts,9780871952851Paint & Canvas,50Abigail

Evie Finds Her Family Tree


Maria's Journey


Murder in Their Hearts


Paint & Canvas



Alone,9780871952660By Freedom's Light,9780871952738Captured!,9780871951847Casper and Catherine Move to America,9780871951687Fighting for Equality,978-0-87195-253-0



By Freedom's Light




Casper and Catherine Move to America


Fighting for Equality

Finding Indiana Ancestors,9780871952035Going over All the Hurdles,9780871952608Gus Grissom,9780871951762H Is For Hoosier: An Alphabet,9781585360413Indiana: From Sea To Shining Sea,9780531211298

Finding Indiana Ancestors


Going over All the Hurdles


Gus Grissom


H Is For Hoosier: An Alphabet


Indiana: From Sea To Shining Sea

Jonathan Jennings,9780871951823Library Mouse,9780810993464Martin Luther King Jr.My Brother Abe: Sally Lincoln's Story,9781416938941My Resolutions,9781595833914

Jonathan Jennings


Library Mouse


Martin Luther King Jr.


My Brother Abe: Sally Lincoln's Story


My Resolutions
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Spinning through Clouds,978-0-87195-256-1The Governors of Indiana,9780871951960The Life of Lincoln,882008000059The Miami Indians of IndianaThe Old Northwest, 1815–1840

Spinning through Clouds


The Governors of Indiana


The Life of Lincoln


The Miami Indians of Indiana


The Old Northwest, 1815–1840

The Soldier's Friend,9780871952004The Sword & the Pen,9780871951854Well Done, Indiana,882008000127Young Lincoln,882008000042 

The Soldier's Friend


The Sword & the Pen


Well Done, Indiana


Young Lincoln

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